About Us

Brooklyn Plumbing Co is fast and reliable plumbing and heating company located in the heart of US; Provides excellent Commercial and Residential Plumbing and Heating Services;  We love to provide you with an accurate estimate & our mission is to solve your plumbing and Heating Problems
The business has a very high level of referral from existing customers. The reasons are simple. The managing director carries out every site visit and quotation. More importantly he carries out a further visit following completion of the installation to check customer satisfaction.
The engineer who carried out the installation will also be the employee who does the annual maintenance so the customer quickly establishes a relationship with the two most important personnel in the company. Thereafter the client will receive an annual reminder from the company to book the boiler service. There would appear to be no other company in the region offering this level of care.
We like to perform above expectations so we make sure that we know what our customers want before we deliver it. Then we let our customers know what we're doing, why we're doing it, what the outcome will be and what it will cost. We even clean up after ourselves.