Brooklyn Plumbing Co is fast and reliable plumbing and heating company located in the heart of US; Provides excellent Commercial and Residential Plumbing and Heating Services...

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Brooklyn Plumbing Co
Brooklyn Plumbing Co services are based in the City of New York, as the name of the company suggests. Our experienced, Brooklyn Plumbing Co engineers are capable of handling all types of heating and plumbing jobs, irrespective of the size of the project.
01. Plumbing
Installing kitchen sink plumbing is not as difficult as you think.  You can find all of the necessary supplies at your local hardware store
02. Drain Cleaning
Brooklyn Plumbing Co has over years experience in drain cleaning and service plumbing serving in New York.
03. AC Systems
Whether your home is too cold or hot or your business beverage freezer is not working properly, Brooklyn Plumbing Co offers the refrigeration and air conditioning installation and repair services to get you back in your
04. New construction
Our goal is to provide the highest level of professional construction services for our clients at a very competitive price, in an atmosphere of mutual support, teamwork and uncompromising ethical standards.